Wednesday, October 25, 2006

After W found the keyboard stand and was using it as gym bars, I decided to take the big keyboard out of the closet and set it back up again (on the stand). I forgot how they took to it last year and forgot why I ended up putting it away. So, since yesterday the kids can't get enough. They've been creating their own melodies and learning new ones from the keyboard playlist. It's a teaching keyboard that has a screen showing which keys to use when you pick one of their 100 songs. W is happy playing Chopsticks over and over and experimenting with all the buttons.

I have been way overly consumed with K's Confirmation party. I spoke to the restaurant on Monday, have the buffet menu and cake all picked out, and how the tables are to be set up. I spoke with the DJ yesterday. We went over music and how the evening will be played out. K will be "announced", she'll have a dance with Dad, I dance with W, J dances with Grandpa, everyone is invited to dance, Conf sponsor (my sister) does a toast, we clap, we dance, we eat, we dance, we take pictures, we have cake, we dance, and we go home. Sounds simple enough, but I can't relax. K is going out with my sis today to look for more outfit accessories. Friday K is getting a manicure and pedicure. Saturday morning her hair appointment is at 9am - she wants it all blown straight. Church at 11. Party at 2. No sweat, right?

Yesterday the kids had Musical Theater. They were acting out a few scenes fom Cats. W was adorable, sitting in a small prop-garbage can, popping out on cue. I took K to Confirmation practice at the church while B stayed at the studio with J and W. W had Hip-Hop and J had Advanced Hip Hop. The practice was looong and I stood in as sponsor. We practiced how to go up to the Bishop and what to say, etc. My sister will be at the Thursday practice. We drove back to pick up B and the kids around 9 and just ordered some Chinese take-out for a late dinner. Everyone fell asleep around 10 and woke up at around 9:30 this morning! They have a good 12-hour sleep about once a week. I think it's the cold weather and heat being on now. I looove autumn and winter.

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