Thursday, October 12, 2006

We're still adjusting to K being home. I have a lot to do since she does still want to go to high school. I already contacted the homeschool coordinator - Ms. Claudia Rothman (Ms. Becoat's supervisor) who said all I need to do is email her requesting the high school forms. She said it would be an easier process if K takes a standardized test this year so the high schools will have something more than just an application. That's no problem. I also spoke to K's guidance counselor who called wondering why K hasn't been in school. We spoke about the whole situation and she was so obviously clueless about homeschooling and rattled off things I know I do not need to do. I told her I already took care of everything and not to be concerned. She made everything sound so difficult and scary, when it's not like that at all. I hate when teachers act like they know it all. Sigh.

K's been fine so far. She's enjoying being home and I can already see an attitude improvement. She went on a Confirmation retreat today and got better acquainted with other kids. It was nice for her to be around different kids all day.

Speaking of which, we all went to a homeschool Meet-n-Greet in the park yesterday. K met kids of all ages and ran around playing. I can't remember the last time she let loose and ran around and played. She raved about the day and is looking forward to the next hs function. I'm a little surprised that she was so willing to be a part of the games. She is usually very reserved, prim, and overly concerned with what she looks like. It's almost as if she knows a tremendous weight has been lifted and she is finally able to relax. It was wonderful to see her like that.

J and W had a nice time, too. J has been doing heavy-duty dance this week, learning a new production number and several small group numbers. She did a few pages in her workbook, mainly reading, spelling, and math. W loves the new workbook he got the other day (cheapo writing-words book at B&N) and even woke me up yesterday tapping me with a pencil begging me to do a few pages with him. So, he's learned how to read, write, and spell c-l-i-m-b, b-l-u-e, p-l-a-n-e, and f-l-a-g. He has also learned how to do better "coffee-grinders", which are part of his dance solo. He and J were practicing today and he really got it down well now. He was very proud of himself several times today!

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