Monday, October 09, 2006

Soooooooooo, after a lot of soul-searching, talks with B, talks with K, talks with my mom and sis, and absorbing all of it with a somewhat clear and open mind, it has been decided that K is not going back to her middle school and will start homeschooling. It is her wish. She has said she is done with the "pseudo-friends", the constant frustration, and daily disappointments of middle school life. She feels she has been traveling down the wrong path, putting too much weight on what others think of her, and neglecting things that are important to her. She and I had a serious discussion about everything. She talked to B and opened up to my mom (who's house she is sleeping over). Mom is very open to the whole idea and thinks it best. And of course I always thought homeschooling would be best for K, but I wanted her to want it, too. I really did try and sing the praises of school to her, so as not to seem like I'm influencing her decision. But she is adamant and her mind is made up.

I already sealed the envelope for her letter of intent. :^D

K and W both slept at Mom's house last night (and will tonight) because my niece's birthday party was this morning. J had 2.5 hours of Production number rehearsal so had to miss the party. She didn't bat an eye about, since dance is what she lives for. In the afternoon, she had 3.75 more hours of dance (tap tech, kickline, and lyrical). The teacher today (a former Rockette, btw) praised J for really focusing and being "right on" with all the moves and technique. J was so excited that she finally understands what it's like to really "focus" (something she's had difficulty with for as long as I can remember). She felt so proud and now nothing can stop her.


Susan said...

Congtatulations on the decision to homeschool K. From what you post it definatly seems like the best way to go for her. I am glad that she came to that same realization herself as well. I hope all goes smoothly for you now. Good Luck!

NYCitymomx3 said...

Thank you! We're still just taking things one day at a time, but she still seems very happy about this decision. And she's really looking forward to the big homeschool get-together tomorrow at the park. I have very good feelings about it all. :)