Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dance for J seems to have hit a new level. They are starting "acro" very soon, have a lyrical number in the works for the recital (which may or may not go to competition next year), and the studio owner (SO) just added another competition for the middle of May. J is also talking about doing a vocal solo at competition. If it's put in for the comp at the end of April, we need to really get busy. We already started working on it. I downloaded her song and copied it onto a CD. She practiced with it and then sang for the SO who was happy, gave the CD to someone who will cut the song down to 2 minutes, and already started planning J's costume. I am in the process of setting up at least 2 professional vocal lessons and J's been practicing the song every day. I am really impressed with her determination and drive.

At dance today one of the moms told me the whole story about how her dd (4th grade) has been bullied and tormented by several kids in her class. It involved a "slam book" and several horrendous IMs from these nasty kids. Another mom had to pull her dd out of dance early because the kid had "7 homeworks" to do. Another kid (9th grade) was frantically doing homework because her mom said if she didn't pass 2 certain classes she wouldn't be allowed to go to the next competition to watch her brother dance. Sigh. I empathized and offered advice when I could and then just continued reading "The Teenage Liberation Handbook" (yes, I'm reading it again). Maybe some homeschool energy will rub off.

The kids have been doing lots of food preparation the past few days. W is learning how to make a proper sandwich, shred lettuce, slice up cheese, beat eggs, and use the microwave. J has been learning how to make a better omelet, brown ground beef, and make a pot of coffee. And both kids are learning how to properly clean up after themselves, sort of, lol.

I sent out the 3rd quarterlies for K and J. I emailed them with a receipt attached, so I know they were read. I just wish I would get a specific response about whether or not they're in compliance. I just feel like the hs coordinator is going to wait til the end of the year and send me an email like, "Ahaaahhaaaha, psych! Nothing was in compliance this year and you guys have to do this year over again the RIGHT way, bwaahahaaaahahahahaa". We'll see, lol. I love NYC, but the way the hs coordinator has this power-trip over the regulations is just unbelievable. Homeschoolers are not out to emulate public schools and shouldn't be regulated like one. Our kids actually get to be kids and end up better educated. Let us be.


Susan said...

Hey I know exactly how you feel about the regulations. I send them something and I get no response. Sometimes I wonder why I bother. I mean I know its law and all but is anyone really going to notice if you don't do it?

NYCitymomx3 said...

It's interesting, though. I'm pretty sure everyone is aware that the paperwork means nothing. A homeschooler's days are so filled with learning that it couldn't possible be captured on an IHIP or quarterly. Whatever. I guess the superintendents have a need to still feel power over us for some reason, so we jump through their hoops so they leave us alone.