Monday, April 30, 2007

So this was the best competition weekend ever! The hotel was great, the kids had a fantastic time, the atmosphere was nice and relaxed, and their dance numbers were better than ever. First off, the scores were amazing! This competition scores bronze, silver, hi-silver, gold, hi-gold, and platinum.

Group Tap - PLATINUM
Group Jazz - HI-GOLD
Group Production - HI-GOLD
Solo - HI-GOLD

All 7 of our studio's group numbers were 1st place in their category. J's solo was the best anyone had ever seen it. Her coach was crying. I bought a dvd of her numbers and the whole disk of professional still pictures of her solo. Here's a couple of the pics from Saturday:

We chose a less expensive inn rather than a big hotel this time. We saved $120 on the room and probably another $40 since they gave us a huge free breakfast both mornings. I love staying at the big hotels with all the other dancers and the pool, but this comp was such a time crunch that there was no time to enjoy the hotel anyway. We got to spend 2 whole days with them at the venue instead. Saturday we were there for 12 hours - 11:30am to about midnight. I know it sounds crazy, but the kids love nothing better than hanging with their friends all day. There's always food at these things and enough room to run around. W was out back playing with all the boys on the big grassy hills. K had a great 2 days with the older dancers. I think she cheers the loudest, lol.

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Anonymous said...

That is so GREAT! She looks so cool in her pictures:) What an awesome accomplishment!