Friday, April 27, 2007

On Wednesday, I drove the girls out to the creative writing class. It's a 1.5 hour class and they love it. I knew K would enjoy something like that, since she loves writing. J, on the other hand, has had a severe aversion to reading and writing since having to endure a shamefully cruel teacher in public school 1st grade. This class has so far been successful generating some great stories out of her, though. She says she likes it a lot and looks forward to it every month. Yay!

Yesterday the girls spent the day at the mall with their friends - another homeschool moms/kids get-together! Both girls did very well budgeting the money they had. While they were there, I brought W to his homeschooled friend's house in Brooklyn. W has been asking to go there for months and was thrilled when we finally could. The boys had a great time running round the park, playing in dirt, and eating bugs (sigh, boys, lol). He loved having friends to himself for a change!

This weekend is a competition in CT. I just redid the whole costume trunk, checking every piece of clothing, shoe, and accessory. She lost a jazz gore boot and needs new foot undeez, so I will be making a shlep to the dance shop later today. Everything else is in order and we're leaving tonight after I'm off work. I figure we'll get to the hotel before midnight if the weather cooperates. She doesn't go on until the afternoon tomorrow so we don't have to get up early. All her numbers are between 1pm and 7pm so it will be fantastic. Awards are scheduled for 11pm. We can sleep late Sunday too!

She decided she wasn't ready yet to sing at competition. She wants more practice and some lessons first. The studio owner said she can still prequalify for Nationals if she wants to do it then. I spoke with a vocal coach this morning and we're setting up something for next week. J is so excited about it. I think this will definitely give her more confidence and reassurance.

Off we go...

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