Wednesday, December 26, 2007


So, I had to work on Christmas Eve (thank you Mr. Scrooge) but I was able to change my hours from 6pm-9pm to 11am-2pm. Woohoo! My mom came and picked up the kids around 9am, drove them out to Long Island, took them to breakfast, took them ice skating, and back to the house to make cookies. The girls went next door to their friend's house for a while, too. After work I did a little bit of last minute shopping, came home, wrapped for 2 hours with B, and drove out to mom's.

Christmas Eve was great being with my family. We had a nice dinner (seafood and pasta catered from a nearby restaurant) and nice desserts. We all had new Christmas pajamas, too! After everyone was asleep I had a great time hanging out with my sister, drinking wine, and doing last minute wrapping. (hi shell!)

Christmas Morning was one of the best ever. The kids made out very well this year. Between their parents and grandparents, everything they wanted was pretty much covered. K's favorite gift was a coat from American Eagle. J's favorite was a purple Razor moped. W's favorite was a cool "Avenue Q"-type puppet kind of like THIS ONE. Oh and my favorite, EyeClops (hand-held, lit, 200x magnifyer, connected to the tv). We spent today looking at our hair, skin, up our noses, in our ears, at pennies, the rug, and our teeth. Everything so far has been really disgusting that close up. We drove over to my sister's house Christmas afternoon for a great dinner (and more presents, lol). We packed everyone up by 5:30pm and headed back to the city to go to MIL's. More family, more desserts, more presents. I was wiped out by then, but catching up with family we don't see often perked me right up.

Today K went out with friends and J, W, and I played. Besides the EyeClops, we played a game called "Mad Gab" which is so weird, we laughed nonstop. The kids played with the old Game Cube (B picked up a new plug which the kids broke like 9 months ago, so now it's like new to them, lol) and loaded up songs on their new iPods. I made a vow to myself (like I do every year) to get this apartment super organized like never before. So, I'm starting early, before Jan 1st, and today got rid of all the bags, paper, and garbage we brought home. Tomorrow I'm doing the laundry, dishes, bathroom, and refrigerator. Then Friday I'm cleaning out the car and the bedrooms. That's my New Year's Resolution.

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