Saturday, December 22, 2007

J and I were up and out at 7am to go to rehearsal for a NJ Nets game! Her performance team did a 10-minute number for the pre-show (that's her front and center). We drove an hour to NJ for rehearsal at 8:30am. They finished around 1pm. Call was for 5:50pm so we got to hang out together all day. We went to a nice shopping center, had lunch, and bought stuff in Borders (can't keep away, help me) and AC Moore (acrylic paint and cookie cutters for ornaments we're making tomorrow). We got to IZOD stadium early and J got dressed and did her makeup and hair. Right after that we drove to the parking garage and met everyone in the lobby of the stadium. The kids went in at 6, we went in at 6:30, and they performed at 7:05pm. I ran down to the front to take pictures. They were so great!! J is in the front line for most of this dance. We picked up the kids right after and headed home (not a basketball fan, no need to stay, lol). At home, W loved the read-along books on CD and listened to one right away. Then he and J read together (J wanted the Daring Book for Girls and W got out his Dangerous Book for Boys. I love those, too. I have absolutely no problem with gender stereotyping, ;). Tomorrow is sleeping, cleaning, and last minute prep for Christmas.

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