Saturday, December 29, 2007

We've never been much of a video game family. We had something called "Pico" when K was 2 - which surprisingly lasted until W was 2, an old Nintendo and Sega system from before I got married, and the kids all had (have) DS'es. We weren't interested in Playstation or XBox or Wii. But last year I caved and bought them a Gamecube - it was relatively cheap and they had played it at a friend's house and loved it. Then after a couple of months they broke one of the wires and it's been like that since 2 days ago. New cord, new fascination. Wow. And they are so GOOD at it. What is it with kids and video games? And especially homeschooled kids? So many homeschoolers even make careers out of gaming! I mean, I can kick anyone's ass at Ms. Pacman, but a career out of these candy store games was unheard of among my peers. Technology today is certainly amazing, though. We have access to things now never before imagined. I wonder if this will become something my kids would like to excel at and pursue further. Interesting. I'm curious to see where this takes them.

This has been a weird week. J had such a big day planned yesterday. Dance rehearsal was from 1-2, a private sewing class from 2:30-4 (she got a sewing machine for Christmas and needed to learn how to use it - and make a first project), and a sleepover birthday party that started at 5. A stomach virus that started in the wee early morning hours that day put an end to any Friday plans. Instead she slept all day, only waking to puke and drink tea. Poor thing. K had the same virus a few days before, so I should have known. She's fine today, but I'm nervous about the rest of us getting it.

So we decided to get a second car. My work hours are about to change in the next couple of months and the lack of babysitters, B's work schedule, and J's dance schedule all prompted us to that decision. I'm looking for something used in the $1500 range. Say a prayer for us that this works out.

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