Friday, December 14, 2007

This week we did a lot of organizing and straightening up. We also did a bunch of food shoping and "stuff" shopping. I'm just about done with buying presents and we'll do all our wrapping by next week. J and W have been playing wonderfully together - everything from board games, to art projects, to dolls. W doesn't care. He'll join in with his sister on anything. W's been reading a lot this week, too. If I'm reading, he'll read out loud over my shoulder. He's loving it.

Thursday we went to the Queens Museum of Art with the homeschool group for a fantastic tour of the Panorama of New York City and a fun project. We used to go a lot a couple of years ago for their Sunday drop-in art workshop and were so happy to have the same guy running our tour. It was a sleety yucky day, but we still had a great turnout - 17 kids and all the parents and younger sibs were invited along! They're renovating parts of the place now, so I'd like to get back there when they're done. I'm planning on taking the kids to a lot more museums and cultural events once the new year comes.

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