Monday, December 17, 2007

Today J went to the homeschool Art Class. This was the final installment of the Reinterpretation of a Masterpiece. J did hers on a beautiful Van Gogh piece that she did on canvas with acrylics. W and I opted out of it today, so my friend L came to pick J up. Of course, J's painting was nowhere to be found as L was to be here within 10 minutes. We tore the house and car apart looking for it, but never found it. J eventually realized she may have left it at the dance studio. Thakfully it was finished, but she didn't get to present it to the group. She was cool with it, though. She still saw all her friends and hung out for several hours there.

W and I went to Barnes and Noble (maybe one day I'll control that insatiable urge to buy the whole store). I picked up some cool activity books for W and something called "Daily Sparks" for J. This is a 10-minute-activity-a-day book. She loves that stuff. I got one on writing and one on spelling/grammar. W got a Highlights Hidden Pictures book and on on drawing dinosaurs. I also found a book called "Stories from Shakespeare". It's a retelling of the plays that makes Shakespeare a bit more interesting for the kids. J had the interest, so I felt this was a great introduction to what his plays are about. Then I'll buy the actual plays for her after reading these together.

LO-freakin'-L. Nothing like a great stereotype video. Enjoy!


(thanks to Pat from MDC)

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