Monday, January 21, 2008

J's been so busy. Dance all weekend, CCD, the mall with a friend, painting with acrylics, making home videos, watching DVDs, creating online video photo collages, and doing a bunch of language arts and math website quizzes. She decided this morning that she'd like to learn to write really well. Her decision was based on the fact that she feels she's not learning what she wants to at the hs group creative writing class and doesn't want to go anymore. She said she'd rather learn writing at home. It seems she wants writing "assignments" of some sort incorporated into her mornings - like from the Daily Sparks book - and to do story summaries, and maybe even find some writing contests to enter. She said she'd like that. She also wants to write more songs and poems. Tomorrow we're going into Manhattan and I'd love to find a place that sells those beautiful writing sets - you know with the cute paper and a bunch of cool supplies. I know K (who is off from school all week) and W would each love one as well.

So it turns out we don't have to buy a second car after all. Woohoo! I was dreading it. Since my day off changes from Tuesday to Friday, I only have find a way to work 2 days, not 3. So B and I figured a car service on those days is a lot easier and cheaper.

I'm off to stone a dance costume!

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