Thursday, January 17, 2008

We went to the Hall of Science today. The kids ask to go there at least once every few months. We got there around 11am. J was very intense, staying in one section for a long time, trying out everything. W was so curious about the sound waves, vibrations, and optical illusions. We watched a laser/optics demonstration and both kids were very involved, asking and answering lots of questions, and eager to get as close as possible to the instructor.

Downstairs was all chemistry and biology. W found some amoeba to look at (we talked and looked at websites about those last week), printed out chemical make-ups of different organisms, and created various molecules. J was into DNA and microscopes.

I asked about the biochemistry lab they had right there and they said it's open to the public on the weekends (to mainly school groups during the week). It's a huge lab, with tons of equipment, an instructor, and write-up sheets for endless experiments and research. The best part was that the lab is for age 7 all the way up past high school age. I think it's so cool to have this perfect science lab 10 minutes from my home to use any weekend we want. And thanks to my job, it's all free. Soon we'll be going to the Natural History and Met museums. These and the dozens of other museums in NYC are such incredible resources offering libraries, internships, educational programs, workshops, and classes.

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