Thursday, January 31, 2008

This week J and W got back into reading and workbooking. J is reading a Chicken Soup for the Soul book right now. She has been doing pages in her bridge workbook and has started a new workbook on writing. She has fun with the exercises in the book, but hates writing out things by hand. She'd rather use a MS Word document and type everything out. She's still eager to get the Teaching Texbooks math program (we'll probably get that in a few weeks).

W has gotten excited about the Magic Treehouse series and has decided he wants to buy every book and then read them in order. He's breezed through Dick and Jane, which I just love. And it's not all just, "See Spot run". It's, "I want to make little cookies" and, "Look down and see something". Another thing W is loving right now is reading comprehension games. Well, they're really mini-quizzes, but to him they're games. He has a big cheapo workbook (educator discount + educator week = 25% off and I couldn't resist going and letting the kids pick whatever they wanted last week) that he wouldn't put down yesterday. I think I read him like 8 stories and he answered the questions.

So, today we went to this place that gives classes on circus arts. They have a class on a weekday morning just for homeschoolers! J and W really loved it. They did so many cool things, like spinning, dangling, acrobatics, "flying", and bouncing, all in unique ways on unique equipment. This is so right up J's alley and W was constantly kept moving, so he wants to go back every week. They also both made some new friends. Well it's not cheap, but since they love it so much, I think it's a go. My mom thought it was so cool that she offered to pay 1/2 the semester tuition for it. After the class, we joined one of the other families at the park for a while. I'm so glad we decided to try it!

Oh! The new Unschooling Voices is up over at RELAXED HOMESCHOOL! Go check it out!

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