Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sunday, the kids went to CCD. They enjoy these hour-long classes every week and understand they need to go in order to receive certain sacraments in the Catholic Church. I gave them the option of either going or not and they do choose to go. J would like to start attending Church more regularly, as well. She has 1.5 years left to make her Confirmation. W will be receiving 2 sacraments next year. K is done with religious instruction but still volunteers at the school. Although B and I consider ourselves fairly religious people, we're not shining examples of Catholicism. But since this is an important part of the kids' lives, I will do my best to make it more a part of mine.

W had basketball practice right after. He is playing with the more-seasoned 7 y/os but is certainly holding his own. They played a "steal the bacon"-type game yesterday where if you steal the ball you get another point if you also shoot a basket. W and only 1 other boy earned that extra point. He loves it - I only wish the season lasted longer.

J went to dance rehearsal around 2 for a couple of hours. They worked on the lyrical group number, which was a mainstream number for them last year, but has been revamped and will be brought to competition this year. The weekday tech rehearsals will be used for choreography instead starting this week. J's numbers for competition are as follows: Lyrical - Small Group, Tap - Small Group, Jazz - Small Group, Jazz - Large Group, Tap - Production, Solo - Jazz, Solo - Musical Theater, Solo - Vocal. Vocal is not going out til probably April this year. The studio owner is focusing on this being more of a learning year for them, so most of the competitions we will attend will have workshops and conventions as well.

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