Monday, May 05, 2008

The kids and I went to the zoo,... um, Queens Wildlife Center today. We planned on hitting the Hall of Science, but afer we watched to 137th schoolbus file into their parking lot, we rethought that idea. It was such a nice day out and walking around outside was definitely more doable. We go there every year or so, but the kids seemed so excited about it today as if the were seeing everything for the first time. W loved the hidden code information circles (where you put your red card over it to read the info). The animals were all out and walking around. I guess morning is probably the best time to go. They really liked the aviary, where the birds flew right next to you. We saw South American parakeets (beautiful green), egrets, a turkey vulture, porcupine, and lots of others.

At the pond we saw 2 of these:

And that was very timely since we're still reading Trumpet of the Swan. And lots of other animals:

We then headed over to the petting zoo (now called the Children's Farm). I guess they're trying to make these sound more animal friendly or something. After that the kids took a ride on the carousel. It's a great park. I want to take the kids back there with their bikes soon.

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