Sunday, May 18, 2008

W's first Cub Scout meeting was pretty cool. He liked it so we might do the last few activities for the season and then re-up in September. There were a lot of kids there who seem to be divided by age groups (or school grades). He was nervous not knowing anyone, but fit in the mix well and made a couple of friends already. They're having a year-end parade and party this coming Sunday and a weekend camping trip at the beginning of June. It looks fun and this group is really active, so we'll see how it goes.

J had her final competition of the season this weekend. She did her 3 solos and 1 group number on Saturday and 2 group numbers on Sunday. They didn't do all their groups, as this was an optional competition and there was a girl missing. Again she did so great and was happy to finish out the season on a really high note. There were about 15 studios there. Her scores were:

Jazz Solo: Extreme Gold, Special Award - "Fabulous Faces"
Musical Theater Solo (categorized as "Open" in other comps): Extreme Gold (2nd place overall out of a top 10 - our studio took the top 4 places)
Vocal Solo: Extreme Gold
Small Group, Jazz: Platinum (1st place overall - out of a top 10 - and highest scoring group number of the day, and the XCaliber Award $300, so each child gets $50)
Line, Tap: Platinum
Large Group, Jazz: Extreme Platinum and 1st Place overall

K was at her friend's house all day Saturday and joined us on Sunday morning to cheer J on at the competition's second day. After her 2 groups, I brought J back to the dance studio to have headshots taken. B took W and K to CCD where it was the last day of classes until September. They met us back at the studio at around 1 and we drove out to my sister's house for my nephew's First Communion party. It rained most of the day, but we all had a great time. We got home around 8pm and B and the kids transferred our goldfish and water frog into a larger tank. We had to take the bullfrog tadpole out the other day because he grew some front legs seemingly overnight and now he needs less water and a place to climb out on. The tadpole has been fascinating for the kids (and me). Every day it changes more. We can't wait to see how big of a frog it becomes. Pretty cool entertainment for less than 2 bucks, lol!

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