Thursday, May 15, 2008

This week the kids have been busy at friend's houses, circus class, the playground, and running errands with me. J and her friend A are still running their juice stand - and still doing pretty well at it. W got a RipStik on Sunday from my mom. She bought it for him for Christmas, but we both thought it looked too big for him. A friend of his has one and W really liked it, so mom decided why not let him have it (she never did return it to the store, lol). So he's been practicing all week on it. J likes it a lot and picked it up quickly. It's kind of like an inline skateboard that can twist to propel you forward. It's weird, yet cool. It comes with a carrying case you sling over your back and W has been bringing it everywhere. He's also been helping me with the garden (he's a great weed-puller) and riding his bike.

Circus class is going very well. The kids are learning front and back handsprings, using the ring, the trapeze, the trampoline, and doing lots of tumbles and flips. It's a great workout and sometimes I just want to jump in there and do it too! There's still another month of classes.

W expressed interest in becoming a Cub Scout, so I called around and found a pack that meets on Fridays (when I'm off) and fit's in with our schedules. There's only 2 meetings left for the school year, but W was invited to join in now anyway. They have 4 Eagle Scouts this year. So if kids are sticking it out, it must be a good group. We'll see. It's after the acting class they have tomorrow, so I think we'll make it.

K's school year is winding down. Next week is "spirit week" and she's looking forward to it. Every day next week has some fun theme to it. On Memorial Day weekend she's going to a dance club for teens with all her friends and the school has some big trip planned for June. I'm just looking forward to her last day of the year.

J's last competition for the season is this weekend. Her solos are on Saturday afternoon with awards at 9pm and groups are on Sunday morning. She's doing all 3 of her solos (2 dance and 1 vocal). This one is close to home and she's so excited. Then the recital is June 8th and then the summer session starts. J is an assistant teacher to 5 y/os on Tuesdays. For the recital she will be in the pit in front of the stage directing the kids during their dance. The studio owner emailed me today saying things like: she did a terrific job, she was so impressed, she loved how the kids reacted to her, it made her smile, J is a teacher at heart, and she wanted to let us know it didn't go unnoticed. B and I both had tears in our eyes reading that. I had no idea J was doing all of that with the kids. I did notice how she was so mature and confident at the recital rehearsal last week and really knew what she was doing. I'm always proud of her no matter what, but it was extremely touching that she was recognized and appreciated for it. :)

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