Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ok, so as if the kids aren't busy enough, J reminded me on Friday morning about the free improvisation-comedy-drama workshop (for ages 10-14) that was at 4pm that day. Sheesh. I did forget, actually. But she and her friend (A) signed up for it and both were dying to go. I drove her over there, she got settled in, we met the worman running the class (a "real" actress, so they say), and went off with W to the run some errands. W and I returned after like 10 minutes and hung around the place when one of the workers there said that there's some more room in the class and W is welcome to join them. What? "Um, he's only 7". "Oh, that's fine". And off he went, happy to get to do this too.

Now I knew J wouldn't be too keen on her little brother being in there with her, but it worked out well. When they came out she said he was hamming it up a bit and told weird jokes. W said he loved the class and only told jokes because the instructor asked him to (which she did). After a few minutes the instructor found us upstairs to return W's jacket and I mentioned that W might be to young for this class and I'm not sure if it's a good fit for him. She said (almost whispering) that W was "really good at it" and "was truly the best boy in the class" and "so adorable". Ok, so maybe this might be his thing. He wants to do the entire 4 weeks - fine with me (and you can't beat free). J promised to be a little more tolerant next time, lol. The instructor also told me that we should look into the kids theater group she runs in Manhattan for J. That was a nice offer I thought.

Today the kids performed in their circus show! It was originally scheduled for April 25, but we were busy that weekend and they were nice enough to reschedule it for us. They did really great! They did a 15 minute routine during the big 2-hour show. The place was packed! I didn't think there'd be such a turnout. The 6 homeschooled acrobats had the audience cheering and clapping and on their feet. It was so friggin cool. A (very) famous tennis player was sitting near us in the audience. That was cool too. :)

In other news, I found a place near us that gives private hour-long voice lessons for a great price. J didn't really connect with the girl from last year so we've been on the lookout for something else. She'll be doing a new vocal solo for next year's competition season and wants to start lessons at least by August. I think we hit paydirt. I need Tuesday early afternoons and they have that timeslot available. I prefer around the same hourly rate I was paying last year and they charge less. J prefers someone youngish - their teacher is young (mid-30s). J needs someone who knows Broadway - their teacher specializes in Broadway. I need something close by - this place is 1.97 miles and 6 minutes away (according to mapquest). Is this meant to be? We shall see.

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