Friday, May 09, 2008

Boy On a Bike

W is finally up and on a 2-wheeler like a pro. Last fall we knew he needed a new bike and let him practice on his sister's old one to get the hang of it. It was painfully small - and had a flat tire - but he rode it 50 feet. Then he fell over and decided he wasn't crazy about bike riding. We found a gorgeous bike for him on Craigslist for $40. It is big (more for like a 9-10 y/o) but I figured he'd do ok. But even with the seat down all the way, he still couldn't touch the ground with his feet, so we left the bike in the garage until the other day.

We went out in the backyard to play some basketball and I suggested he try sitting on his bike to see if he's grown taller. His toes reached the ground! He wanted to practice back and forth in the backyard and after an initial push-off, he did it! He wanted to try it at the park around the corner (which has a much bigger paved area) so off we went. He put on his helmet, swung his leg over, I gave him a push and he rode all over the park, turning, slowing down, speeding back up, using the hand brakes, and being brave enough to ride one-handed. Stopping without toppling over took a couple more tries, but he got it. He lets the bike tip to the side and lands flat on one foot now without missing a beat.

He is shocked that he got the hang of it the first time (I am too, actually). He loves the wind in his face and darting in and out of the skateboarders. He's now asking to ride every day. I love that the perfect riding spot is right around the corner - safe, big, and open. Yay W!

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