Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Yesterday the kids and I went to see Seussical the Musical at Queens College's Colden Center. We met up with a bunch of our homeschooling friends and we all sat together in great seats. I never got to see this on Broadway, but was always interested. J and W loved it and I actually thought it was pretty funny. When we went to the Museum of the City of NY last month, we got to see the actual costumes from the Broadway show. These smaller shows are through an organization called "Theaterworks". Many of the shows are geared toward the younger audience, but the acting and singing were so phenomenal that we want to see all of them, lol.

J and I had a talk and she seems excited to audition for certain performing arts high schools at the end of the year. She prefers one in particular because it's very well known and it's the probably the best public performing arts high school in the country.  She loves how it not only focuses on the arts, but heavily on academics as well. I looked at her like, "huh?". I honestly had no idea she had any significant interest in school academics. Interesting. She was then ready to create a schedule for herself and get cracking on preparation for this year's CAT test. The first thing on her handwritten schedule is copywork. That's funny, because it was the first thing on W's too. Then the rest of it is all math, reading, vocabulary, spelling, language arts, "and other stuff". She wants to keep a few of the AO readings, too.

So, both kids have created a wonderful activity list/schedule for themselves. I couldn't have done a better job myself, lol.


mom of 3 said...

wow so next yr you only have one Huh?
cool.. see u monday

NYCitymomx3 said...

Well, technically a year and a half. She'll be in 9th grade September of 2010. That would certainly be weird.