Thursday, February 04, 2010

Hayden Planetarium

Yesterday we went on a cool homeschool group trip back to the American Museum of Natural History. This time we went into the Hayden Planetarium to watch a movie about visiting the moon. It was called "Field Trip to the Moon" and was J and W's first time there. It showed what astronauts see when they go to the moon. Orbiting the earth was cool - we saw the day/night boundary and how big the oceans and the Sahara Desert really are. Planetarium shows are so freakin cool. Afterwards we got worksheets about the moon and Earth. We stayed in that one area - near the model of the moon and the moon rock, and the Hall of Planet Earth. J enjoyed the worksheet and was busy finding answers to the questions. W was too interested in the rock cart, where a couple of instructors discussed many different types of rocks - all being igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic. Then we went down to the first floor to see more exhibits about space. They saw what they would weigh on Mars and Jupiter and learned about the lifespan of a star. We headed home right after that - no one felt like seeing the museum again since we were only there a month ago. I loved this trip.

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