Thursday, February 25, 2010

We all agreed to go to the game place this week instead of Mad Science. We had a blast! A bunch of J's and W's friends were there - and my friends, too! It was Mardi Gras week and we had masks, horns, beads, candy, and coins to find on a scavenger hunt. One mom made a beautiful "kings cake" and a few kids decorated that with icing and purple (justice), gold (power), and green (faith) sprinkles. J and her friends (about 8 kids total) went across the street for pizza after a while. W met a new friend - 10y/o S - and they played together the whole time. And it didn't matter to him one bit that S is a girl, lol. They played chess, foosball, ping pong, and pool. Love that place.

Later that day, J and I went to her new high school Open House. Normally, school open houses are in autumn and you go to check out the school and see if it's one you'll consider. LaGuardia's open house is only for those who were accepted. So, we went. My mom, sis, and B all came too. We stayed mainly on the dance floor, watching demo classes of ballet and 2 different modern classes (Graham & Horton). J was very impressed at the level of training she saw. That was one thing that pushed her toward an arts school in Manhattan over any other borough. LaG also has a very rigorous academic program and J prefers that. B and I stayed to check out the rest of the building while J went with my mom and sis to grab a bite to eat. Demo classes were being given in all the main subjects and families were able to sit in and see how the classes are run, what the teachers are like, and see sample schoolwork on the walls. I loved it all and I know J will really thrive there. One of my favorite things was the gorgeous city view from each classroom. What an amazing place. J already bought some LaG clothing. ;)

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