Monday, February 01, 2010


Today was W's last NY Hall of Science class in their first ever monthly homeschool series. His 3rd-5th grade class was all about "Reflecting on Mirrors". They discussed characteristics that cause mirror reflection, light's interaction with various surfaces, and the angle of reflection. He loved it and came out with a "magic box" he made - cardboard and an angled mirror make it look like anything you put into the box disappears. Before the class we watched a demonstration on "Airplay". W got to be a volunteer showing how strong air pressure can be when it creates a vacuum.

These classes were such a great idea and I want to thank Sylvia P. from NYHS for putting these together. She said there will be another session in September! Homeschooling has really come such a long way since we started. It's awesome that homeschooling has finally hit the mainstream in this city. Resources for us are appearing everywhere and I love being a part of all of it!

HEY, it was 5 years ago yesterday that J started homeschooling!! Wow that went by fast.


nuyorican said...

Thank you for posting these events from the NYSCI. We plan to sign up for the September session. We are currently homeschooling our son in 2nd grade. It's great to see homeschooling in Queens.

NYCitymomx3 said...

I agree. It really IS great to see homeschooling in Queens. I think your son will love the nysci classes. :)