Friday, September 10, 2010

First Day

So, the kids all had a great first day of school. K is so thrilled to be a senior.  She even met up with some friends before school to paint one of their cars with the word SENIORS! all over it.  She loves almost all of her teachers.  Sheesh.  College is right around the corner.  K's schedule looks like this:
AP English

J was so excited for her first day.  B went with her on the train (he works nearby) - she could definitely go it alone, but we wanted to make sure she knew where she was going, lol.  Inside, she got her ID, schedule, and some papers.  She found all her classes, no problem.  And they're all on different floors.  Thankfully, the school has escalators.  She's actually annoyed that she has 4 days off until school again.  Oh, and yes, she enjoyed seeing some celebrities there.  J's schedule looks like this (periods are 45 min each):
Dance (ballet)
Dance (ballet)
Dance (modern)
Dance (modern)
Living Environment
Global Studies

W and I are in the swing of things as well.  He's enjoying the 1-1 time with me which is a new revelation for him, since he was worried about J not being here.  We're trying to zip through the rest of AO2.  Readings and narrations are going well.  Math is going really well.  We're going to incorporate some LoF into our week along with the TT5.  I'm going to try some "Fridays with Fred" (stole that idea) and see how that goes.  I think I'm going to start the grammar and the writing programs soon.  Why wait til AO3?  He's in 4th grade now.  He's ready.  Oh, and we're not doing the Wednesday science co-op.  I didn't realize it meant I would have to teach some of the classes!  I'm so not that kind of person, lol.  He still has a class in Manhattan on Thursdays and one in Long Island on Fridays that he's so looking forward to.  Starting this Monday, W and I will add in the art, music, nature, foreign language, copywork, & poetry again.  He does really well with the short lessons.  We try and keep them at about 15-20 minutes each.  We've stretched the day out to around 3 hours now.  So far, so good.


mom of 3 said...

hey when r u guys free to go to the natural history museum? I want to go this month to avoid any school groups :)

NYCitymomx3 said...

I'll email you...