Saturday, September 04, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

W and I have resumed AO Yr2.  It's nice to sit with him doing academics again.  So far, so good.  The first day he went over all the times tables from 1 to 12, just to refresh.  He still remembers them all - so yay for Times Tales for being better than I could have imagined.  We read some history, geography, & literature and he did a good job narrating.  He also read to me (Chanticleer & the Fox).  We're doing a few pages of that every day, too.  TT5 - we're up to the different types of angles and triangles. 

J's freshman dance orientation was the other day.  This was to help the kids not be overwhelmed the first day and how to easily navigate the school.  J got her locker, lock, and a weekly bulletin (called "the yellow sheet").  The 2nd part of the orientation was all about dance.  The dance chairperson brought us into one of the smaller theaters to discuss what to wear, how the schedules work, and what to expect.  The kids got another tour of the dance floor and found their lockers.  Omg.  She starts in 4 days.

She and a friend are spending the weekend at my mom's in Long Island.  They'll probably swim in the pool, go shopping, and have a grand ol' time.  The rest of us are heading out there on Sunday night after I'm done with work.  Monday afternoon, my sister is having a birthday brunch party for her son who turned 10 today.  My birthday is Wednesday, it's the first day of school here, and I took off work!  It should be a really great day.

K senior picture day was on the 1st and it was so nice.  The kids get 3 outfits to wear (a drape, cap & gown, and your own choice).  She also got her new schedule and it has almost everything she picked in June.  Thankfully she got trig switched to statistics ( I took that in college & got an A so I'm excited about it, too, lol) - everything else is the same. 

In other news, we adopted another parrot.  This one is a quaker parrot who needed a home.  A friend of mine found it in her apartment building's basement (with cage and all) and couldn't bear to leave him there.  She has cats so needed to find a home for him - and of course I said yes.  We named him Petey and his cage is sitting on top of Lucy's (our black-capped conure we adopted last year).  Petey is still really nervous and nippy, but he's coming around.


Pete Lanctot said...


it seems like you guys are pretty proactive homeschoolers and there is lots of good info on this blog. I wonder if we might be able to collaborate. My name is Pete Lanctot and I am a violinist (and homeschool alumnus) that has recently moved to NYC. I am looking to set up musical outreach concerts for homeschoolers in the city, and was looking to start with some solo recitals. I am wondering if you know of any homeschooling organizations off the top of your head that might be interested in hosting classical/jazz/new music concerts. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a handful of people (and perhaps a space) would be excellent. I am more than happy to give free concerts and know of many other musicians who would do the same. Thanks very much for your help, -Pete Lanctot

NYCitymomx3 said...

Hi Pete,

I don't know of any hs group that hosts music concerts, but I'll mention it to the groups I'm part of. Let me have your email in case someone wants to contact you.