Saturday, September 18, 2010

LEGOs & Science

We kicked off the new school year with a few awesome classes.  On Thursday, W had a class on Lego Robotics with other kids ages 8-13.  It was in the East Village in a quaint old building on a beautiful city block.  I haven't really been in the East Village in a long time.  I used to shop with my friends there when I was in high school, but nothing too much as an adult.  Walking down Astor Place and St Marks Place was so fun.  There are tons of restaurants, jazz bars, and funky boutiques.  I forgot how much I love that neighborhood.  I called B right away and said we have to move here, lol.

In the class, W and his friend F worked on making a Lego car with some wires coming out of it and used a remote control to make it move.  This was a basic lesson on robotics and he loved it.  They also watched a video on how it's done.  The instructor is this great guy who is passionate about robot building and is really good with the kids.  I sat with a few other parents chatting away while the kids built their cars.  Afterward,  W and I grabbed a few slices of pizza with our friends.  I found a place that gives you 2 big slices and a can of soda for $2.75 (no tax).  How cool is that? 

On Fridays W is taking a series of classes at a science museum in Long Island.  The drive is only about 20 minutes from home, which I love.   The 6 weeks are focusing on Earth Science and the first class was all about rocks.  He's in with other 4th-6th graders.  They had buckets of different small rocks and had to match and glue them next to their descriptions.  They also made an edible craft.  W learned so much in that hour (and even told me about it!).  After the class he went and played with a bunch of other kids for over an hour.  He is looking forward to next week - and next Friday he starts his Cub Scout meetings again!  He's a Webelo this year!


Anonymous said...

wow - lego and robotics, me oh my!
Is it a weekly class or one time thing? My ds would love a class like that - can you supply contact info?
Sent in my LoI, but have not heard anything back from them yet. I'm putting finishing touches on my IHIP so it's ready to go out next week. I feel a sense of adventure and we are really enjoying HS so far. We are taking it slow, just like you suggested.

NYCitymomx3 said...

Hi Mary,

It's a weekly class. There are different classes for all different age groups. Email me at: and I'll send you the information.

They usually take a while responding to a LOI. Just keep sending in your paperwork on time and don't worry about it. They'll contact you if there's a problem.