Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This was a morning that actually went the way I scheduled it.  I drove J & B to the train at 7am, swung back home to pick up K & W, drove K to school (stopping to pick up coffee, a breakfast bar, and arizona sweet tea for K's lunch), and got home with W by 8:30 (got stuck behind a school bus for forever -__-).  Right away, I threw on a load of towels, put away dishes, wiped down the bathroom, made my bed, and cleared a clutter pile.  Then I put the towels in the dryer, windexed the mirrors & glass and dusted the china cabinet and ceiling fans.  All of this took exactly 1 hour.

At 9:30am I sat down with some coffee to check some emails and facebook.

At 10am, I got out all the homeschool stuff and W and began some academics:
  1.   2 pages of math
  2.   1/2 a chapter of Wind in the Willows w/narration
  3.   W read a page of Abraham Lincoln (D'Aulaire) to me
  4.   Homophones exercise in Spelling Skills
  5.   1 lesson in Writing Strands
  6.   1 chapter from Child's History of the World w/narration
  7.   1 William Blake poem
  8.   Some of the reptile section in the Handbook of Nature Study

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