Sunday, July 30, 2006

Not much to blog about. I worked all day Saturday. B took the kids with him to get the car transmission flushed and then to a cast party hosted by our old friends. It was a big barbecue celebrating the last day of their play's run. The kids played horseshoes and got wet with waterguns and a sprinkler. I was going to meet them after work, but it was pretty much over by 6.

B drove out to my mom's today with the kids. I stayed home to get this apartment in shape. I get way more done when no one is around. Mom took them to the beach all day and then they all went in her pool. W was thrilled to learn that he can finally stand with his head above the water - so he didn't need floaties at all today. B had to call and tell me. They got home around 8 and everyone was a gorgeous reddish tan (except B who was really red, lol). Thank goodness the kids got some olive-toned skin from me!

I cleaned the hell out of 3 rooms. I would like to have another 2 days alone, but I'm lucky I got one! I'll do the bathroom tomorrow and the kids and I can work on their bedrooms during the week. I can tell you right now, we're not going anywhere this week with it being above 95 every day. ICK! I think I'll stop at Michael's Craft and pick up a bunch of artsy craftsy stuff to do with them this week.

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