Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm not sure I'm feeling so positive about the new homeschool coordinator. I'm hearing she is overstepping a bit and imparting her own "extras" to the NY regulations -like telling hs'ers not to be outside during school hours and to use a packaged curriculum. I'm so not in the mood for this crap. I know she's new and has no idea about ANYTHING, but this is ridiculous. The only thing to do is make sure all of us homeschoolers stick with what's in the regulations and don't offer anything more. Correspondence should be very minimal - just what is written. Many proponents of public school education don't trust us and will create additions to the regs to suit their own insecurities. Don't let it happen. If you're new to NY homeschooling I advise you to join the NY-HEN Yahoo group and read back at least 10 pages to get a good understanding of what is really expected of you as far as reporting to the state. Know as much as you can.

Anyhoo, yesterday we stopped at Toys R Us and picked up a really cool edu-science Scientist Kit, a fully-organ'ed head/torso of the human body, and a Trivial Pursuit game - which we played as soon as we got home. I have always loved Trivial Pursuit (since the very very first edition came out). I wanted to buy the regular one, but all they had were ones based on Disney, LOTR, Star Wars, Saturday Night Live, the 80s, and a kids version. I reluctantly got the kids one, figuring it would be no challenge for me, but I was so wrong. I barely got half the questions right and ended up glad we got that "kids" version. K and J were 3 pieces ahead of me and here I was thinking it would be too easy. With a little tweaking for W, I find it's a game that can suit everyone.

This morning, J, W, and I tore into the scientist kit. We spent most of the time putting the cool "lab stuff" together. We put together the balance and spring scales, main console (with test tube and battery holders), and several other things. We did a few basic experiments, but are looking forward the ones using electro-magnetic force, solar energy, electricity, and chemical energy. It tries to be so "professional", with so many intricate little parts and instuctions to calibrate everything correctly. The kids asked to do a few experiments a week. I like that idea!


Anonymous said...

"Not to be outside during school hours"?!?!!! That's both some nerve and a sign of complete cluelessness about homeschooling. At least she's not making the actual policies.

Planning to Unschool My Wee Ones but Really Worried About NY's Regs

NYCitymomx3 said...

Well, I'm not worried about the regs and neither should you be. I always say to people that they look scarier than they actually are. And it's true. As long as we all know the regs inside and out, recognize if she's asking for something unnecessary, show that we can't be bullied or taken advantage of, and show that we're confident and intelligent folks, all should be well.

Homeschooling in NY is awesome. Don't let a few rules scare you away. :)