Saturday, September 02, 2006

J and W are sooo excited for us to "begin" homeschooling for the year. They both are just clamoring for the fun stuff we're going to do. I have been throwing around ideas to them lately and writing down everything I (and they) can think of. I bought some more books at B&N (with my educator's discount - yeehaw), like a few more workbooks and reading books they wanted. I'm thinking of so many cool activities and trips and experiments. I love planning stuff. It fits so well with my Virgo-Type-A personality. Of course we can start "school" anytime we want, but with K starting 8th grade in 3 days (yikes) it gives us a nice launching point as well. New year, new ideas. KWIM?

So, the girls are at my mom's again. And again she took them shopping. She knows I just bought them tons of clothes, but she never thinks they have enough. Sigh. But I know she really really LOVES shopping with them and buying them stuff, so I don't mind too much. She knows W hates walking around the mall and shopping, so now that she got some of that out of her system she says she wants to bring him out there too next time.

I worked all day, B took W food shopping, and we stopped to get my nephew a birthday gift for his party tomorrow. W and I put together a big Lego knight named "Dracus". He did just about all of it himself with me reading out the directions and was so proud of it. He played with it for a long time. He loves the one-on-one time he gets with B and me when the girls are at my mom's. He's really becoming so mature, responsible, and so much more curious. I love this age.

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