Thursday, September 07, 2006

So, things are going well. Yesterday J and W spent a lot of time perfecting their Heely maneuvers. J went from skidding and tripping all over the place to professional Heely level in about 20 minutes, lol. W was showing her his moves, too. He had his private dance lesson last night. He's learning so much with the studio owner. W is more comfortable with B in the dance room, and B loves being there. He took the kids for pizza afterward. W fell right asleep when he got home and I read some Greek and Norse myths to the girls before bed. I love that K still loves being read to.

This morning, J and W did some workbook, played on the computer, and Heely'd around the apartment some more. We went to the park around 1pm so they could Heely around outside. There were lots of kids there (it seemed the Catholic school got out early or something), but J didn't feel like playing today. She is at the same age K was when she stopped enjoying the playground. I hope that's not it.

I'm going to make another list of all the things the kids love doing - and places they love going. I'm not very creative and using that for ideas is such a big help. Many times they need me to initiate most of the activities, so having a list that they create works wonders. I am so full of cool ideas but haven't wrote anything down yet - so you know that means I don't remember any when I need them. So that's what we'll do tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it's the Back To No-School Picnic with our homeschool group! The kids are so excited. I'll write about it tomorrow night.

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