Friday, September 22, 2006

Whoa! Long time, no blog. Sorry 'bout that.

We've been busy this week, with dance starting and being there just about every day. The kids have been learning lots, too. W has been using the computer for educational games (and fun games) and his workbooks are getting used a lot too. J has also been computerin' and workbookin'. Dance has been intense for her, as they kicked it all up a notch this year. They have 2 new technique teachers and several big performances over the next 2 months. She is dancing at a mall opening on Sep 30th, a Light the Night Leukemia fundraiser on Oct 7th, and Six Flags Great Adventure on Oct 14th. She's excited, but I'm a bit saddened that I can only go to the last one. I work Saturdays and cannot get those days off. Sigh. B says he can handle it, though, and my mom said she'd help, too.

We have been doing so much with our homeschool group lately! It's great that we can go to these activities now that W is home. Today we had an Arabic Calligraphy lesson that the kids just loved! They used calligraphy pens and sponge brushes to make the letters on rice paper. We learned some of the history of Arabic lettering and how it's used in art. J was very into it. She stayed behind to do more after the lesson was over and even asked to do more when we got home! She also ran around the playground with the other kids playing tag and cops/robbers. I so enjoy watching my kids run around in the fresh air like kids are supposed to do, instead of being stuck sitting behind a desk doing boring work for 6 hours.

Speaking of which, K seems to be doing well so far this year. We're still doing homework together every night, studying for tests, and she even got a 95% on a small project for Spanish. K admits school is very boring and sometimes frustrating, but enjoys the social aspect. She talks about all the boys she thinks are cute and who's flirting with her this week, who's coming to her party and what clothes she HAS to have by next week. The Halloween Dance is coming up soon and the 8th graders are entitled to the best spot on the dance floor. Yup, that's what school is all about for her. Well I'm doing my best to help her keep her head on straight, make good decisions, and know that her family is her rock.

Here's an article I came across as I was cleaning out my favorites. I can relate, how 'bout you? :

Homeschooling Saves Your Child From Destruction

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