Saturday, September 09, 2006

Today was J's company auditions at the dance studio. The kids worked with new choreographers and were evaluated and scored on abilities by about 5-7 judges watching their every move. J and one of the girls from the older group sang, too. She said it was so cool and fun, and she felt she did really well. We should get their scores in a few weeks. The point of this is to get the kids used to auditioning and working with new and different people. These kids are all so talented - some will be trying out for a performing arts high school, some will be auditioning for professional venues, and all of them just love displaying what they can do, so the more practice the better.

K is at her cousin's 14th birthday party. Their going to an Italian feast tonight and K is sleeping over. I wanted to go to a medieval festival tomorrow out in Long Island, but we'll just go next weekend, maybe. I had a nice day at work and B did a great job chauffering all the kids all over NYC today. Now we get to relax. I think we're all pretty exhausted.

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