Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Monday we had our Foreign Lands Club with the homeschool group. The country was Argentina and the girls did a great presentation on "music". They spent a good deal of time finding Argentinean music for the ipod, researching various websites for info, and creating a script for the presentation. We brought empanadas and a loaf of crusty bread. There was also gnocchi, scones, steak, salad, dulce de leche cake, ice cream, pan dulce, and fruit. They learned about Argentina's geography, history, culture, exports, food, languages, and rulers. Such a fun event!

Today we are going to see a production of "Tim and Scrooge". Tomorrow we are hanging with outher homeschoolers for some language arts skill sets. They usually do a fun writing activity and a game, then spend the rest of the afternoon playing. Friday we are meeting up with the homeschool group for ice skating.

W's reading and writing is coming along very nicely. He is getting more comfortable showing us what he can do. The girls are also reading and writing more. J and W are using their workbooks a lot and K will peruse her text books, but prefers the computer. All of them have been real creative lately and are increasingly more respectful to each other. It's such a big transition for all of them to be home. K and W are still getting used to it, and J is getting used to having them home, lol. I think we're doing ok so far. The kids are happy and busy, and I'm seeing positive differences in them.


Susan said...

Sounds like you all are having a wonderful time. I wish there was that much good stuff going on where I live. But I suppose in NYC things are much different that this small town. I have actually come across only one group in my area (that isn't strictly religious) none of their activities sound all that interesting to me and they are not exactly convienent. Keep having fun!!

NYCitymomx3 said...

I think you should start a group in your neighborhood! Even if it's just a few hs moms and kids, just schedule one activity every 2 weeks to start. Before you know it, the group will grow. Think of a cool name, open a Yahoo email group, and watch them come. Homeschooling moms are always looking for new groups to join.

You can do it!

Heidi said...


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