Saturday, December 16, 2006

We've had a relaxing couple of days. The kids have been doing lots of crafts including a Native American arm band and a feeble attempt at creating a geodesic dome out of rolled up newspaper, tape, and staples. J and W watercolored and drew pictures. K wrote to her penpal in Spain (they last saw each other 8 yrs ago in Kindergarten and have been writing ever since). W played with some Sculpy clay and the girls are still into Mall Tycoon. J has been altering photos on the computer for her website and W learned his phone number with a catchy song.

Dance is great. The company has finished most of their numbers and just need to clean up a few things before competitions start. Their Christmas party is next Wednesday and they're doing a local performance on Thursday. Costumes are done (except for the ritual "stoning" we'll probably do next month) and all I need to buy are tights, toe thongs, black gores, and foot undeez -- so far.

The girls and I are hitting the mall tomorrow. I have about 5 people left to buy for and I figure I can knock them all out in one mall trip. We're probably crazy for going, but I know we'll have fun. We put up the Christmas tree tonight. I just did the lights (white only this year) and 2 rolls of silver/gold garland - instead of the burgundy and cream theme I usually do. Tomorrow evening, we'll finish up with the ornaments, candy canes, and angel on top. I'm so not ready for Christmas. We still didn't take our pictures for the cards yet.

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