Saturday, December 30, 2006

On Saturday, J went over her friend's house all day. K and W tried the new Slurpee machine and tended to the hamster. K created a new layout for B's website and W found the shiny green piggy bank I forgot to put in his Christmas stocking. He keeps polishing it and wants to keep it shiny, lol. Everyone picked me up at work and we went to see "Avner the Eccentric" at Queens Theater in the Park. It was a great show! The Unisphere at Flushing Meadow Park looked so beautiful at night that I had to get some pics of the kids in front of it:

J watched some of the Math Success CD ROM. She chose long division and was actually into it. It's great the way it explains math concepts and goes quickly. I enjoyed it too. She even asked me to create problems for her to do afterward. She always prefers to do "academic" stuff at nighttime.

K has been reading a lot, writing in her journal, and being creative on the computer. We've been playing Blokus a lot. It's an abstract spatial strategy game that I'm sure has lots of educational value. The kids just love it and I can play it all day.

Today we're going to Nassau Coliseum to see High School Musical the Concert. . It was a surprise Christmas gift and the kids cannot wait. They have been eating,sleeping,breathing High School Musical for forever it seems. All 3 kids know the entire script and score by heart and it's even the theme for this years Musical Theater class at the dance studio. Tonight we're just staying home, having lotsa "pickins" food, and just being together. I have to work tomorrow so no big partying for me tonight, lol.



Liam Lu said...

Seems the photo background looks like 1 scenery in the movie MIB when an ufo aircraft crashes down...if i remember it right... :p

NYCitymomx3 said...

Yep. Same park. And right in front of us are the 2 towering pavillions where Will Smith fought that bug thing at the end of the movie. Flushing Meadow Park is a great place.