Thursday, December 14, 2006

So I ended up buying a wireless keyboard at Radio Shack. HP sucks and their tech support is the worst I've ever dealt with. They lost my info and have no record that I spent $200 on a 3-year accidental damage plan. Gee how convenient. All the tech calls are routed to India and no one is on the same page with anyone else. I will never buy another HP product again.

Ok aside from that wonderful note, we're having a fantastic week! Last Thursday we hung with some homeschooling friends at their house. We did the usual language arts skill set, had lunch, and had fun. It was a beautiful day for mid-December (like 55 degrees) and the kids were running around outside and trampolining. Friday we stayed home and got tons of cleaning done. I finished everything up by Sunday night and ended up with 12 bags of garbage. It was mainly old clothes. I used to give everything away, but I just have no time for it anymore. Monday we went to see "The Nutcracker" at Hofstra University with the homeschool group. I think 30 of us were there and we had front row seats! It was such a nice ballet and even W sat still (mostly) for the whole thing.

Tuesday, J's new homeschooling friend came over for a few hours. She's 9 and just started hs this fall. K went over my sister's friend's house to be a "mother's helper". This girl and my sis have been friends for over 15 years and she's so similar to K! They chatted about shopping, makeup, and shoes while putting up Christmas lights and playing with the baby. So funny. K can't wait to "hang out" with her again. I think they have a shopping date planned soon.

Today was rainy and we stayed home. J asked me to do division flash cards with her. It's short division up to 144 and she quickly answered every one. She felt she was a little "slow" on some and would like to go over her 6, 7, and 8 times tables. She really had fun with it and kept asking to go over it again. (What's with that?? LOL). Of course in the meantime, W is annoyed at the time I'm spending with J and want to do his workbook with me right then. He finally realized whining and complaining doesn't work with mommy, and waited for us to finish. He did a whole test-prep page on beginning sounds, putting a check in the bubble instead of coloring it in. He liked it better that way, he said. LoL. He lost another tooth this week, too. Now there's just this adorable gaping hole where his 2 bottom teeth used to be. I'll take a picture tomorrow. I finally bought Lithium AA batteries, so hopefully the camera will last more than a week.

Both girls were very into "Mall Tycoon" today and I'm pretty sure they'll be on it most of tomorrow. The "Tycoon" games are awesome and I really recommend them. J had dance rehearsal tonight (like almost every day). Her group is performing a couple of Christmas-y numbers at a middle school next week. I'm calling in sick from work so I can go. I haven't even seen these numbers yet. One of them is the company production number that will be going to competition in Jan or Feb.

K asked me to read her some Grimm's Fairy Tales before bed tonight. She and J love being read to but they have to keep reminding me or I don't think of it. I love the Olde English language and the gratuitous gore of these stories. We have the complete and unabridged version of the stories. They weren't written for children, I don't think, but the girls love them. I have to make a point to read to them more. It's on my (unwritten) resolution list, lol.


rachael said...

sad thing is, almost all tech support is in india. dell's, att's - you can't get away from it. luckily, my husband knows his IT!

NYCitymomx3 said...

Yay! Can you ask him how to de-compact my Outlook Express Inbox out of a dbx file? I can't get to my old inbox messages! I don't know why I hit ok when it asked to compact.

I guess India is cheap labor. I've had tons of tech problems because of their inadequacy. A few months ago a woman told me to download something that crashed my whole computer. I had to send my hard drive out to be fixed for over a week. Now they have no record that I bought a 3-yr plan for accidental damage. I'm so livid. Nevermind the various tech calls I made which got me nowhere. How the heck is HP the #1 brand? I don't get it.