Sunday, December 03, 2006

We had a nice week. Visiting friends on 2 days, going to another high school open house, and rearranging the living room, which opened up a lot more space. Dance was good all week. J's team already got one of their costumes and is almost finished with another. They will be performing their production number (has a Christmas theme) at a nearby middle school this month.

So, the high school we went to see has to be the most perfect school I've seen so far. It's small, in a great neighborhood, and specializes in what K loves most. We met the principal, vice principal, got a tour, visited various classrooms, and signed the sheet. I am getting such a good vibe from this place. It's exactly what I've been looking for. There's 90 kids in each grade (very small for NYC standards), cute uniforms, and oh yeah, it's public! I couldn't ask for a better (free) school. So we'll hear in March if she gets in. And the parochial high schools are sending out their acceptance letters in January.

I'm excited for K because I know she wants to go to high school. And I feel it's my job to find the perfect school for her. There are at least 412 high schools in the 321 square miles that make up NYC (Rhode Island has 60 high schools in 1200 square miles!) . Finding a potentially good "fit" for her has been crazy. Kids can go to any high school in any borough (zoning rules are in place mainly for lower grades). I'm a perfectionist and I will not settle for anything that doesn't meet my standards. If she chooses to go to school, at least I'll feel comfortable knowing I did everything I could to seek out that "fit". K did say she will consider homeschooling throughout her teen years, but wants to give high school a fair shot. I think this was when J said she'll be homeschooling til college thankyouverymuch. I know K is loving being home. She is still getting used to not being around 400 kids all day every day. It's hard to find other 12-14 y/o homeschoolers and she gets worried about that. She has schooled friends her age, but I think she wants the homeschool comraderie. And I can't blame her.

Work has been getting better and better. I decided to organize my finances, pay down all our debt, and start being more frugal. And as soon as I went into that mindframe, I started getting more sales at work. I really believe 'thought' is creative and you achieve what you believe. If you harp on fear and misery, you'll have it in your life. If you believe you are worthy and good and are doing your best to reach your goals, you will get there pretty quickly. And my mind has been so clear and focused.

This financially-clearer mind has overflowed into the rest of my life. I have been in total organizing mode this week. My living room looks amazing and today I'll focus on the dining room. During the week I'll fix up the bathroom. Just rearranging things and finding new homes for things (even if it's the garbage can) really can lift your spirits. Today I want to get more Christmas shopping done, get the Christmas card pictures taken, re-organize the dining room, decorate the house for Christmas, and plan the rest of the week.

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