Friday, October 19, 2007

J's copywork poetry was Conkers by Barrie Wade and Spring Burst by John Travers Moore. In the bridge book she did a section on adverbs, a page on equivalent and simplifying fractions, and a page on the branches of government. W has been doing pages in the Sight Words book, in another workbook, he did a section on months and seasons and a bunch of analogies with pictures. In math he's been doing lots of addition and today we started some multiplication. He really gets this. I explained it as saying instead of "1 times 3", say "1, 3 times". It was clearer for him multiplying numbers by 2, where he could use his fingers as the manipulatives and show 4x2 as 4 fingers, 2 times - holding up 4 on each hand. He was shocked when it actually clicked and he got so excited about it. It was so fun to make the concept of multiplication understandable for him.

J rejoined the horseland website, wrote out a 1/2 page on what a "grande jete" is, made dueling K'Nex robots with W, played on, got new tap and black ballet shoes with me at the dance shop, and had 2 hours of ballet and lyrical class today. K did her volunteering yesterday and got to be the teacher's aide again, helping kids with art, helping on the trail hike, and handled (and talked about) the big blue macaw, the dragon lizard, ferret, and bunny. She also got an A- on an English paper today. W is still into paper crafts, building stuff, and learning to cook. It was a fun and relaxed week.


Dawn said...

Thanks for the lead on Horseland! I'd never heard of the site but it's right up my daughter's alley!

NYCitymomx3 said...

Yeah, J has been on and off it for a few years. It's a cool site.