Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Today we went to an environmental center for a class on Ecosystems. The kids spent about an hour in a class and another hour out on a nature trail walk. The educator talked about and brought us to a pond, a forest, and a salt marsh. Back at the center she brought out some animals and the kids got to hold one or 2. The class was for J's grade, but all of us were welcome on the walk. W got so excited about it all that he asked a hundred questions and threw his 2 cents in wherever he felt it was necessary, lol. The educator was wonderful with him. I mentioned to him a few times to hang back with me and let the big kids have their class, but he kept ending up right back in the front. I do love that he is so curious and free and wants to be a part of it all, though. And it was great to see genuine NYC honey!!

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