Friday, October 12, 2007

Yesterday J did copywork of a poem called I Am the Rain by Grace Nichols. Then in the bridge book she did some equivalent fraction work and a page on midwestern states (location, capitals, and trivia info). W did a new workbook called "Hooked on 1st Grade". He did pages on capital letters (cities and names), homonyms (homophones), and addition. J went to her friend A's house in the afternoon and they both went to acro class together at 4pm. W played outside for a while on his scooter and we played hide-and-seek together in the house until I had to leave for work.

Today J had Book Club. The story they focused on was The White Umbrella by Gish Jen out of the Junior Great Books reader. I read it too, and I thought it was really good. J liked it and did a good job of participating in the discussion. After that, we went over a friends house for a few hours until I needed to pick K up from school. J rode her friend's moped around all around the area and now is begging me to buy her one. It was so nice to have a relaxing afternoon chatting with a friend while the kids played.

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