Monday, October 22, 2007

Saturday J had large-group jazz dance practice and then took part in a ballroom dancing fundraiser for the studio. B and I would have done it too, but since I was working we felt as long as one of us is there, we're good. In the early evening we decided to go to the movies and we saw Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D. It was very cool. We have the movie and we love it (we even have Jack Skellington Christmas ornaments), but seeing it in 3D made us love it all over again. And we got the cool Disney 3D glasses that have tannish lenses not those horrible red and blue ones.

On Sunday the kids went to CCD - K volunteered as teacher's aide in J's class this time. After that, J had small-group lyrical dance practice, K hung out at the park with her friends, and W and I spent 1-on-1 time together playing Monopoly and cooking. Monopoly is awesome for teaching how to count money and make decisions. He was great at it. B sewed the criss-cross straps on J's new ballet shoes and she gets to wear those and her new tap shoes this week.

Today we had our homeschool group geography club and this month was Greece! J did an oral report on geography and W did his on Musical Instruments of Ancient Greece. He got up in front of about 40 of us and READ his report without a hint of nervousness.
We worked on it together and I drew small pictures on the paper to help a bit. I can't tell you how proud he was of himself and several moms commented on his confident and loud-enough-for-everyone-to-hear-him voice. I made onion fritters called "Kremidokeftedes" in Greek. Thankfully they were a big hit and I went home with an empty bowl. Other fantastic Greek food we enjoyed today was spinach pie, pita with tzatziki sauce, moussaka, pastitsio, stuffed grape leaves, cabbage rice, baklava, and the flag cake. After the Greek fun, the kids went out to run around and play for a couple of hours. J spent the rest of the afternoon/evening at her friend A's house. Busy day as usual!

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