Wednesday, October 03, 2007

We started "Bridge to Terabithia" today and J likes it so far. W isn't so into it. I might start reading separate books with him that are more on his level. He loves being read to, but keeping his interest longer than 10 minutes can be challenging. Copywork was more poems for J and Kumon's Sentences for W. He likes that book. It's big, colorful, and not over-cluttered. J did a page in math (angles, decimals) and W did some reading exercises in his bridge book.

We started on Ancient Rome today, too. It was a huge hit. We read about city life, aqueducts, home and market structures, and learned some key names and dates. One section talked about the decorative use of mosaic tiles. We decided to make our own paper mosaic craft after that. While I was cutting up the construction paper, J took a brand new notebook and wrote down some important facts from what we read. It was fun and I think they really got a lot out of it. The rest of the day was made up of card games, hamsters, and K'nex creations. They had dinner at MIL's while I went to work (and B worked late).

I spent time this afternoon looking through a great blog on a very structured Charlotte Mason approach. This is so who I wanted to be several years ago. I'll admit, I really envy her organization and how great everything is laid out. Although I don't think we could ever be that regimented, I found her ideas and advice very helpful. I plan on introducing some of them to the kids - especially the wall timeline, American history notebook, calendar, dictation method, and some of her book suggestions. I think these are things they'll really love doing.

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