Monday, October 01, 2007

So we watched Night at the Museum yesterday and we were so thrilled to see that it's based on our own American Museum of Natural History here in NYC. Of course the layout was different, but the kids recognized it right away. There was a lot of "Hey! There's the whale! There's the cavemen! There's the T-rex! There's Columbus!". Now we have to go there very soon and see it all again - like this week, according to W.

Today we made homemade egg drop-noodle soup and ran a bunch of errands. We bought stamps, signed up for CCD (Sunday school that started 2 weeks ago, oops), brought back library books, and bought some Halloween decorations at Michaels Craft. Then we picked up K, went for lunch, and spent an hour in Barnes and Noble. J bought a magazine about the Jonas brothers, K bought a book by her current favorite author, Cecily Von Ziegesar, and W got a magazine.

We're still running strong with the academic schedule. I guess I've just expected them to get bored of it by now. But every day they remind me that it's time to start, lol. I think they're ready for the other subjects, but we'll still ease in slowly. They want to do lapbooking/notebooking for history. I like that idea. There's so much creativity involved in those. I've been doing some reading on how to make them. I'll lay out the basic idea of how to do it, with lots of ideas for the folder attachments that they can choose from. J wants to do Ancient Rome first. I figure if we do history about 2x a week, we can do at least 1 lapbook per month. I'll just let the kids take it where they want. They're looking forward to it.

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