Tuesday, February 05, 2008

We've been full of dance mania around here. J's first competition starts on Friday and we're all pitching in for the mad last-minute scrambling. K's been such a big help, stoning costumes and helping with hair and makeup. She and W are really looking forward to a weekend of friends and pool time. J will be in workshop classes Friday night and all day Saturday, so the rest of us are looking into stuff to do in the area. The competition begins Saturday evening and continues on Sunday morning.

Sunday was the big dress rehearsal, where all costumes, makeup, and hair were shown to the studio owner. It was the first time I got to see all the numbers and I was really choked up. I feel very organized this year for some reason. I still have to stone, sew, and shop, but I'm not panicking like I usually do.

While we were at dance on Sunday, K had a rare stay-home-and-relax day and went out to dinner with MIL. B took W to basketball and both of them got haircuts. It sucks that basketball ends next month, but W got a big basketball hoop for the backyard that we're putting together when the weather isn't so cold and rainy. He'll get to practice playing all year! W's also been into card games like War lately (which lets me check off "concepts of equality and inequality" from his IHIP checklist, lol).

Over the last few days, the kids have been getting creative: painting with acrylics, making sock babies, dramatic playing with puppets, taking pictures, re-organizing their stuff, taking care of their hamsters and fish, doing activity funbooks, cooking, choreographing, exercising with Fit TV, donating old clothes, reading, making music, and inventing games. We should be getting new Metrocards soon, so we can plan more museum trips. I'll ask about it when I email my quarterly report tomorrow.

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