Thursday, February 10, 2005

After dropping W off at school, J and I went right out to Barnes and Noble (I just cannot stay away from that store!!). I got some more books for J. I got Anne of Green Gables, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, a human body book, a bio of Ben Franklin, a Mensa Logic book, one on doing fun things with History and Geography, a math chart, a book on tape for W, and a perfect nature field guide. Everything (except for the field guide) was discounted or real cheap - ranging from $2.99 - $6.95. Then we relaxed at Starbucks with some coffee cake. I went to Staples yesterday, too, and got a bunch of basics to have on hand, along with coverstock paper (cheaper than cardstock) and a binder for her timeline, a nice sketchbook for her nature study, a binder and sheet protectors for me to keep track of superintendent correspondence, and some fun art stuff.

J did some Emily Dickinson copywork when we got home. Then we read more of Little House and she did an excellent narration for me. It's amazing how many small details she remembers. She was struggling so much with this in school. She is really getting into the story, too. She then did a couple of math pages. She's using the one she used in school now. I think she's just more comfortable with that one, and that's fine. Now J and W are painting on some coverstock paper and Mozart is playing in the background. The music definitely keeps the atmosphere calm around here. I feel so peaceful this week. It's fantastic.

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