Tuesday, February 08, 2005

J is responding well so far to the schedule. It looks like a lot, but everything is done is 10-20 minute increments and we're done pretty early. Everything would be made fun and interesting and not boring or tedious. I've notice that she's not so comfortable with total child-led learning. She wants to do some sort of work and keeps asking me to please do something with her. The Charlotte Mason method interests her a lot. There are no worksheets or studying and we can do it all together. As she gets older, using a guideline, she can do more things on her own.

This is what will be J's schedule. So far we are adding one new thing per day each week until we finally get to everything in the schedule. So every day this week will just be Copywork, Literature/Narration, and Math. We will also do Library, Field Trip, Nature Study, Typing, Piano, Journal, and Drawing this week (and every week) since J enjoys these immensely and can't wait to get started. Next week we add History (World, U.S., and State). The week after we'll add Picture (artist) and Music (composer) studies. The following week we'll add Spanish, Science, Timeline, and Handicrafts (home-ec stuff). All the major stuff will be done before lunchtime, and the fun stuff after lunch and W can join in (drawing, library, field trip, nature walk, handicrafts).

Basically we are going to try CM for the rest of this year. If she enjoys it and responds well to it, we will continue through next year.

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