Sunday, February 06, 2005

I think I may start following the Charlotte Mason way of homeschooling. I seem to agree with so much of her philosophy on learning, teaching, and children. It's much more relaxed than many other methods I've read about and everything about it fits perfectly with J. I love the idea of living books (whole original classic stories), along with poetry, fables, biographies, and myths. Narrations are a perfect way for J to practice comprehension. Copywork is such a simple way to learn proper handwriting, grammar, and spelling. Nature walks/nature studies are right up J's alley. History and geography are also big parts. Much of what we will do would tie in with each other in regard to time frame and what part of the world. I love the focus on artists and composers, too. Lessons are to be kept short (from 10-30 minutes) and you should be done with everything by lunchtime so your child can spend the afternoon "following her own pursuits". I would use Singapore Math as the math program and have J continue with Spanish for the language. CM is about good habits and attention to detail as well. I am going with my gut on this one. It just sounds so good.

I'm scheduling a field trip this week. Not sure where yet. We also need to go to the bookstore and the library. K has play auditions tomorrow and she's still not over her cold. Her fever is gone but she's a bit hoarse and congested. She's supposed to sing, too. Never seen a kid with such bad timing. J and W had Sunday school today and J has another dance rehearsal tomorrow. She's begging me put her name in for a solo, but I just can't afford anymore time and money for dance this year. Maybe next year.

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