Thursday, February 03, 2005

Not much is going on around here. J is doing great and has adjusted well to not being in school. She is still doing her own thing, mainly workbooks and CD Roms. I'd like to create some sort of schedule, not just for J, but for all of us here. I want to get most of my cleaning done before I drop W off at school. Then from about 9:15-11:15 I want J to do something. I'll make a list of ideas and she can pick a few from that. I really would like total unschooling for J, but NY's regulations are so unnerving that if she's not where she should be at a certain time, I may fall into the category of "educational neglect". So, my plan is to see that the requirements get done, but giving J as much freedom and choice as possible.

MIL is concerned and worried now. She doesn't understand anything about HS and made me pretty upset today. I hate negative feedback. I found some excellent articles about homeschooling that I'm printing out for her to read.

I was thinking that from the time we pick up W until we have to pick up K would be a perfect time to GO somewhere. J cannot do anything academic or productive when W is home so being out is a great idea. There are a lot of places to go around here (in my very immediate area) - including the library and we have about 3.5 hours. I'll get some more sketchpads, pencils, and crayons and we can basically go anywhere! See? I feel more organized already!

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